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How To Work With Us

Bullish Mission

Bullish is a conversation about money—which is absolutely, hands-down, without a doubt, the most taboo topic. People will talk about sex, politics, religion, or their innermost feelings before they would ever reveal their income or checking account balance. But if you want to have more of it, talking about money is necessary. 

There are a lot of reasons that people don’t talk about money. We’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s impolite to ask or rude to brag about it. Learning about money can be intimidating, as there’s no structural system in place—like the food pyramid or driver’s ed—to teach us about managing our finances. And despite this, we collectively consider poor money skills as something embarrassing or shameful. At Bullish, we remove those practical hurdles—shame, embarrassment, intimidation, and etiquette—in the way of frank discussions that ultimately help us get better at money, whether it’s making it, saving it, investing it, or spending it.

Pitch Us

We’re eager to partner with passionate storytellers – writers, reporters, videographers and beyond.  Please email pitches@bullish.news with a short description of your story/ idea along with relevant links to your past work. We pay competitive rates based on the writer’s experience, reporting required, length and format. We look forward to hearing from you.

Content Pillars

Bullish covers the world around us, but with money. There is a financial angle to pretty much anything and everything, so there’s no shortage of topics to explore. Below is a list of some areas of focus to consider, and how we want them covered. 

Alternative Investments – Buying and selling sneakers, fine art, eSports, cars—basically anything that’s not real estate or the stock market. We want to explore these different areas of investment, the characters involved, and the returns they bring. This is a great space for human interest stories and profiles.

Careers – Compensation, severance, advancement, negotiations. This is a great space for practical advice.

Credit – How to improve scores, which credit cards are the best for you, how credit scoring even works. Investigations, takes, or advice would all work well here.

Cryptocurrency – How crypto-markets work, the latest developments, identifying the risks, and how it’s being uniquely used, i.e. RallyRoad increasing accessibility to invest in classic cars/art.

Culture/Entertainment – All the fun stuff, like what celebrities are doing with their money, what stupid thing at Art Basel raked in a chunk of change, NFL players’ contracts, Taylor Swift’s fight for her publishing rights, whatever the Kardashians are launching, etc.

Debt – Student loans, mortgages, credit cards, loan sharks, etc. We cover all the ways that people are in the hole, but also, all the unique ways they are digging themselves out of it. 

Gambling – Sports (real and fantasy), traditional (cards, slots, dice, etc.) and non-traditional (Pokemon, illegal games). This space is good for offbeat and human interest stories.

Gig Economy – Airbnb, sex work, drug dealers, dark web, freelancers, etc. We want to learn about how people are making money in unstructured ways.

Living – The ways in which we spend money on things we like; the fun in being a consumer.

Power – Coverage of the people who hold the purse strings; toxic people in big business; companies who promise to put women on their boards and still have not; deeper dives into wealth and greed. This space is best for takes and investigations.

Real Estate – Owning a home has long been the definition of achieving the American dream. We explore the costs associated with that dream, neighborhood values, house flippers, being a renter, having tenants, and why the global elite park money in it.

Retirement – From the growing “FIRE trend” to stories of retirees who run out of money.

Stocks – Understanding company behaviors and identifying trends as a way to inform people looking to invest. Stories of companies with cultural relevance (i.e. Nike, Lululemon, Vail Resorts, etc.), how investors look at them, who has invested and why.

Shared Economies – Peer-to-peer, co-working, crowdfunding—the reinvention of traditional market behaviors through technology. We’re always looking for what’s next and how it might change our daily lives? 

Taxes – Understanding tax incentives; understanding how companies take advantage of tax incentives; a profile of an overworked H&R Block employee; insider tips from an anonymous IRS employee. Taxes are so boring and complicated that this space would benefit from unique, offbeat, or human interest angles.

Tech – How technology is facilitating access to financial markets. Fintech!


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